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The purpose of this site is to provide ancestral information for anyone interested in the history of the Eresmann family in Canada. There are two principal families of Eresman living in Canada today. They are the descendants of the  two families of Eresmanns that arrived in Canada in the early 1900's. They both originated in Catholic villages in Russia near the city of Odessa. They both farmed near the village of Fox Valley, Saskatchewan and they were well known to each other. Although unverified, they were likely related to each other  some two hundred years earlier in Switzerland. Mathew Eresman (Ehrismann) came to Canada from the Kutschurgan District village of Kandel, about 45 mile Northwest of Odessa. They initially  immigrated to North Dakota before moving to Fox Valley area. Johannes Eresmann immigrated directly to the Fox Valley area from the Liebental village of Mariental, about 10 mile west of Odessa.

This story is about my great grandparents, Johannes and Katarina Eresmann, and their ancestral history. Today, their descendants spell their name Eresman and Ehresman.

                                                                                            Randy Eresman

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“To understand where you are going, you must first know where you came from.”

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